11 June 2024

The long-awaited data will provide crucial baselines for several child-related and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicators in Nauru. A workshop in advance of the public data release allowed space for key stakeholders to discuss the data findings.

Between September and November 2023, Nauru, a small Pacific Island nation, collected data from 670 sampled households in the first-ever Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS). This included vital data on children, such as learning skills, child functioning at the population level, and the quality of available drinking water. The data collected in this survey will play a crucial role in providing new evidence on child mortality, education, health, nutrition, and child protection indicators that are also internationally comparable. The Nauru Bureau of Statistics (NBS) implemented the survey as part of the Global MICS Programme, with technical and financial support from UNICEF, technical support from the Pacific Community (SPC), and funding from the Nauru Government and the Government of New Zealand.


Nauru MICS – DIRC Workshop, Conference Room 2, Civic Center, Aiwo District, Republic of Nauru – 29 April to 3 May 2024

Nauru MICS – DIRC Workshop, Conference Room 2, Civic Center, Aiwo District, Republic of Nauru – 29 April to 3 May 2024


To explore the results of this first MICS, a Data Interpretation and Report Compilation (DIRC) workshop was held from April 29 to May 3, 2024. This was the sixth such workshop to be held in the Pacific region during the sixth round of MICS. In addition to representatives from the Nauru Bureau of Statistics, including Lindsay Thoma and Ramrakha Detenamo, and the Global MICS team, the workshop featured experts from the NBS, Department of Education, Department of Women Affairs & Social Development, Department of Environment Management and Agriculture, Nauru Public Health, Nauru Utilities Corporation, Births, Deaths and Marriages, Department of Climate Change and National Resilience, Social Welfare Division, Department of People Living with Disability, Pacific Community, and UNFPA.


The Survey Findings Report, thematic Statistical Snapshots, and micro datasets are expected to be released in July 2024.