Methodological Work

MICS engages in methodological testing of new modules, approaches to measurement and further analysis to assess the quality of data collected in surveys. Below are areas of work in which we are actively engaged or for which we have produced supporting documentation on our work. 

Since 1995, the MICS programme has been actively engaged in developing new methods for the measurement of indicators on topics of relevance to children and women. Such work has been undertaken in the context of developing indicators and tools for the use of countries to monitor progress on MDG indicators, as well as on other country priorities. The broadened agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals calls for a larger number of SDG indicators – some to be developed for the first time, and some to be integrated into MICS. The MICS programme is therefore intensifying efforts in methodological work. These pages present a selection of some of the significant, innovative work that the MICS programme is currently carrying out, with UNICEF experts, governments, and partners.


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